Solutions to common problems at Buzzfox

Do you hear ticking noises or breaks in the sounds?
    This problem is caused by a combination of Flash and some sound cards. On many computers, simply listening to many sounds at Buzzfox eventually makes it go away.
    If you can't seem to shake it, try this: click the guitar on any Buzzfox control. While the sound is playing, click any menu option on your web browser (e.g. File). Play the sound again. If the problem is still there, move your mouse rapidly from side to side after clicking on the menu, causing the menus to disappear and reappear very quickly (once again, the sound should be playing while you do this). Although it sounds strange, this should fix the problem.

Are sounds not loading, or getting stuck while loading?
    There are several possible causes of stubborn sounds:
- Do you have Flash 5? If you only have Flash 4, Buzzfox may seem to work, but if the screen stops with a large text message of "Please be patient..." and then never carries on, you need Flash 5. Although Flash 5 should have downloaded automatically, on some browsers it does not.
- Are you using a compatible browser? Netscape 6 will not work with Buzzfox interactive pedals.
- Are you giving the browser enough time to load? If you're using Netscape, watch the "status bar" on the bottom left of your browser window closely. High quality sound files are about 50K and will take at least ten seconds to load with a 56K modem.
- Is the Loading screen stuck? Try changing the controls or stomping the pedal to force the browser to start loading a different file. If you simply can't load a sound with the controls at a certain setting, let us know.

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