Press Release for April 9, 2001

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Buzzfox brings online shopping for guitar pedals out of the silent era

Hamilton, Ontario – Buzzfox, Inc. has created a new tool for serious guitar tone-seekers that are accustomed to auditioning effects in a store. Comparison Listening, viewable at, puts the sound room onto a web page and brings a new understanding of effects pedals to guitar players. Every interactive pedal mimics the familiar feel of auditioning a real world pedal: there are knob and switch controls, and you can stomp on it to switch it off. It’s like grabbing a real fuzzbox, turning the Gain to '10' and then listening to how the wall of sound changes as you twist the Tone.

Until now, the Internet hasn’t provided a lot of useful sonic information about effects pedals. “We wanted the sounds in Buzzfox to be informative, even to critical listeners. We made sure they are high quality recordings, and are also consistent between products,” says Daniel Koetsier, who directed the creation of the thousands of sound recordings that were required. The products that are showcased are the best of guitar toys and tools: straightforward single effects that sound great and are popular with players who have discriminating tonal preferences.

The usability of Buzzfox was of equal importance in the design, to allow easy access to as many guitar players as possible. “Our site clearly demonstrates our obsession with usability. The layout ignores distinctions such as ‘cool,’ and instead is geared completely to letting you hear the effects you’re interested in,” says Byron Fast, the technical architect and designer of the interface.

The user friendliness continues with the purchase of a new pedal. Placing an order is quick, simple, and secure. Buzzfox knows clear communication is a big part of user friendly, and they begin by showing the current availability for every product, and end by e-mailing the customer when their order has shipped - they don’t send marketing e-mails, ever.

To do some Comparison Listening yourself, take a look on the web at

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